News: Electronics Recycling and Paper Shredding events


Local Credit Unions hold Electronics Recycling and Paper Shredding events throughout Northern Colorado

Monday, October 1, 2012— The Rocky Mountain Chapter of Credit Unions is providing the community with Electronics Recycling and Paper Shredding events on Saturday, October 13th in four locations across Northern Colorado in celebration of International Credit Union Week. 

Identity Theft is a major concern for many people in our communities and securely shredding documents is a great step in reducing ID Theft. With recent legislation too, Electronics Recycling is the safe, certified and legal way to dispose of electronics in Colorado.  Donations of $5 are encouraged to help offset the disposal costs of large items like TV’s and monitors.

Everyone is welcome at these events which are free and open to the public.

The events will be held in four locations on October 13, 2012 from 9am -12pm:

Paper Shredding

Greeley at Security Service Federal Credit Union, 1220 Ninth Avenue.

Broomfield at Community Financial Credit Union, 6855 W. 119th Avenue.

Electronics Recycling

Ft. Collins at Public Service Credit Union, 700 Whalers Way.

Longmont at 2151 Main St. near Elevations Credit Union in the Old Kmart Parking Lot.


About the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Credit Unions: The Rocky Mountain Chapter of Credit Unions is a collaborative effort of twelve different credit unions in Northern Colorado.  Combined, the institutions work together for the financial well-being of the community.  For a full list of credit unions from the RMCU Chapter visit

4 Responses

  1. jack debell

    Thanks for offering this event. I am concerned about the final disposition of the electronics however. Can the recycling company you’re working with provide documentation that the electronics will be recycled domestically or to the highest international standards (such as the Basel Action Network’s standard)?

    Please reply as this information will determine if I participate.


  2. admin

    Great Question! With Governor Hickenlooper signing into law a ban on electronics dumping in Colorado landfills, it is essential that people take the right precautions for electronic recycling. MeTech, a partner with Gallegos Sanitation, is a Certified e-stewards electronics recycling company. Read more about them at and about the Basel Action Network’s e-steward standards

    Hope to see you there and thanks for supporting credit unions!

  3. Bernie Strom

    Are there limits on what you will accept for electronics recycling? We have several old computers and monitors and a rather large older copy machine that we’d like to have recycled.

    Thanks for doing this; it’s another great service to the community.

    • admin

      There aren’t limits, but we didn’t consider large copy machines. If you do have large heavy items, a small donation per large item will help us offset the cost for the electronics recycling. And your donation will go towards future events that our MWCUA Credit Union Foundation provides for our community.

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